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Ex Demo - Pearl Export 5-Piece 20" Fusion Drum Kit with Hardware and Sabian Cymbal Pack

Ex Demo - Pearl Export 5-Piece 20" Fusion Drum Kit with Hardware and Sabian Cymbal Pack

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Pearl’s Export kit has been one of the best-selling entry-level kits money can buy for many a year, if this kit is anything to go by, it will continue to be so for many years to come. The Pearl Export is a name that every drummer knows - it's rare to meet a drummer that in the very least, has played an Export at one time or another. It's even rarer to meet one who didn't love it. 

The Export excels in its price bracket, offering fantastic features you’re unlikely to find in other starter kits. This is a kit that won't be pushed to the side or outgrown quickly; its qualities will continue to hold up through beginner to intermediate standards with ease. It features Reference inspired shells, a P-930 drum pedal, Opti-Loc Tom Mounts, a fantastic hardware package and even a great set of cymbals - everything you need to get started. 

Inspired by Pearl’s acclaimed Reference Series, the Export combines Poplar and Asian Mahogany to create its lush full-bodied tone, rich and present with great resonance and sustain. Each shell is sonically optimised by the strategic arrangement of its ply layers. The shell is then formed by Pearl’s SST manufacturing process - a combination of extreme heat, precision-cut scarf joints, Acoustiglue and over 1000lbs of hydraulic pressure.

Each shell features specifically designed low-mass lugs that minimise shell contact for increased resonance and sustain. The rack toms are equipped with Pearl’s Opti-Loc Mounting System designed to allow the drums to vibrate freely, increasing sustain and resonance while providing stable support.

The Export shells are worth the kits price tag on their own, but Pearl has seen fit to treat you even further by adding some great hardware and cymbals to the deal. The hardware pack features a BC-830 boom stand, C-830 cymbal stand, and S-830 snare drum stand, H-830 hi-hat stand and P-930 drum pedal. All feature adjustable Uni-Lock Tilters for accurate positioning, sturdy double-braced tripods. The cymbal pack contains a set of 14” hi-hats, a 16” crash and a 20” ride all from Sabian's SBR series.

Fusion Configuration

  • 10 x 7" Tom
  • 12 x 8" Tom
  • 14 x 14" Floor Tom
  • 14 x 5.5" Snare Drum
  • 20 x 16" Bass Drum


        • Pearl EXX Export Model
        • Available in 6 finishes: Purple Nebula, Smokey Chrome, Jet Black, High Voltage Blue, Satin White, Black Cherry Glitter
        • 6-ply (7.5mm) Poplar/Asian Mahogany blended shells
        • Chrome hardware
        • Opti-loc suspension system
        • Matching snare drum
        • Remo Clear tom head, ported Remo Powerstroke bass drum head
        • TH70I tom holders
        • Drum muffler (mini)
        • 830 Series Hardware
        • Sabian SBR Series Cymbals

        Hardware Pack Configuration

        • 1 x P-930 Demonator Pedal
        • 1 x BC-830 Convertible Boom/Straight Stand
        • 1 x C-830 Straight Stand
        • 1 x H-830 Hi-Hat Stand
        • 1 x S-830 Snare Stand

        Sabian SBR Cymbal Pack Configuration

        • 14" Hi-Hat Cymbals
        • 16" Crash Cymbal
        • 20" Ride Cymbal


        Please note that a drum throne is not included, but get in touch as here at Rubix we have some fantastic options to complete your setup and get you playing straight away. Otherwise, click here.


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