A Modern Solution for a Modern Musician.

Our studio has been designed as a flexible, high-end creative environment for modern productions, prioritising client comfort and fidelity over legacy aesthetic.

The live room, designed by leading UK acousticians, has tight low end, gradually opening up towards the top, allowing for a combination of intimate, yet not overly dry space, perfect for drum tracking and vocals. Fully RGB mood lighting creates unique atmosphere for every session while digital monitoring ensures that the artist is receiving noise and a coloration-free duplicate of the performance.

The control room has been fitted with the latest monitoring solution by PMC, as well as, a state of the art Focusrite PRO converters.

Ensuring surgically precise reproduction and clean signal path of up to 24-bit/192Khz PCM.


"Best Place In Town"

- Darren Beckett -



"Great and attentive people. Always willing to go the extra mile and you feel like you are dealing with good friends who care."

- Jeremy Monteiro -



"A new sessions client of mine found Rubix online and booked me in to do a couple of tracks there for them last weekend. Wow! Amazing place! I will be directing all my future session projects over here as the amount of time saved on the day and the sonic options available is absolutely unrivalled. Thanks so much team xx"

- Kayleigh Cheer -



"Rubix Drum Studio were just brilliant! As a musician it's fantastic to get this kind of service & quality."

- Klara -



"The easiest, quickest drum session  I've done. Everything was set up and good to go and sounded superb. Took half the time of your normal session...Super friendly staff and engineers too!!"

- Cam Andre -



"I was asked what king of sound looking for when I booked. I have a huge selection to choose from. Everything was ready when I arrived, we recorded straight away. In the pocket. East and quick, with top friendly service. Highly recommended."

- Dom Mets -



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