Studio Terms & Conditions

By booking a rehearsal or Recording session at Rubix Studios you are entering into a contract by which you are agreeing on behalf of the user to abide by the studio terms and conditions as detailed below.



Rubix Studios – the affiliate name given to the holding company that is Rubix Studios Ltd 02139373 registered in the UK

User – the term is given to an individual, band, ensemble, orchestra or any other party using the rooms as designed

Booking – the term given to the act of placing an order for a space within Rubix Studios on a specific date and time

Rehearsal – the term given to the period of time used in accordance with the facilities offered at Rubix Studios

Session – the term given to the period of time used in accordance with the facilities offered at Rubix Studios

1) Booking a rehearsal or Recording session – booking, times and dates are subject to availability and approval from a member of the Rubix Studios team. Rubix Studios reserve the right to refuse and/or reschedule in circumstances beyond their control and by doing so, Rubix Studios will not be held responsible for any financial loss or consequence to the User.

2) Booking method – bookings can be made by the following methods and are not valid until confirmed • Online booking form • Email:• Office: +44 (0)203 092 79 32. Verbal bookings can be made however Rubix Studios will not be held responsible for any errors, omissions or mistakes with any detail or aspect of the booking and it remains the Users responsibility to use one of the alternatives and recorded booking methods.

3) Payment – Payment can be made by either cash, bank credit or debit card. Rubix Studios do not accept AMEX. It is the responsibility of the User to pay in full the cost of each session prior to or on the day of rehearsal. Account Users must pay any outstanding balance in full within the terms outlined on the invoice. Rubix Studios reserve the right to take any reasonable steps to recover any outstanding debt the recovery costs of which will be added to the debt of the User.

4) Studio Room- 100% of your session total will be payable on bookings of 3 or more sessions as well as individual bookings on evenings and weekends. Should a booking be cancelled in the following cancellation policy will apply – before 7 days – no charge, 7 days – 48 hours – 25% payable, 48 hours or less – 100% payable

5) Percussion Room cancellations or amendments – the period of 48 hours notice is required for the cancellation of a rehearsal without charge; this includes weekends and bank holidays. If a rehearsal is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice, a 50% charge on the full cost of the session will be payable.

6) Drum kit cymbals and accessories – the cymbals and stand accessories for the drum kit in the studio are held in studio. It is is the Users responsibility look after them and return them in the same condition. Should cymbal damage or missing items be discovered on exit, the User will be responsible for any associated costs.

7) Rehearsal times – each studio must be vacated strictly by the end of the allotted booking time and returned in the same condition as that offered by Rubix Studios at the commencement of the session. Should the studio not be clear of equipment or personnel at the cessation of the booking time, Rubix Studios reserves the right to charge an additional fee at no less than a pro-rata rate of the original booking fee. Should space be left in a condition deemed unacceptable by Rubix Studios, Rubix Studios reserves the right to charge the User for any associated costs to return a studio to that offered to the User at the start of a booking.

8) Damage, breakages and loss to studio infrastructure and/or equipment – any damage, however, caused to the studio infrastructure or equipment through misuse or abuse will be charged at cost to the User. The management reserve the right to use all legal remedies to recover all damage, breakages and loss. It is the responsibility of the User to report any item of equipment either missing or damaged to a member of staff immediately and prior to the start of the rehearsal period. No equipment may be removed from any room without the consent of the management. Any User found interfering with fire extinguishers, safety equipment, electrical equipment or any other studio fitting will be removed from the premises, barred and charged for any damaged caused.

9) Identification – For the benefit of security Users may be required to provide evidence of their personal identification prior to any rehearsal.

10) CCTV – each studio and all public spaces are covered by 24 hour CCTV.

11) Additional Instrument Hire – additional instruments and equipment may be hired from the fire department subject to availability. Payment and other terms and conditions apply.

12) Personal items – personal items should not be left unattended and all belongings kept with the owner when not present in the studio. Rubix Studios are not responsible for any items of loss or damage whilst on the premises. Signage is in place to remind each user of this condition.

13) Lost Property – Rubix Studios will keep lost property for a period of 8 weeks from the date of discovery. Items will be disposed of after this time.

14) Smoking – it is an offence to smoke in commercial property and therefore within any part of Rubix Studios. The management would be grateful if consideration could be given when smoking outside the entrance to those that do not partake.

15) Security – when leaving and entering the complex, please remember that the main door must be kept shut at all times.

16) Illegal substances – Rubix Studios operates a zero tolerance policy on illegal substances. If it is suspected that any illegal substances are present on the premises, the User and their party will be removed and the police notified.

17) Food/Drink – Not allowed into the studio spaces and whilst Users are permitted to bring their own food and drink into Rubix Group, this must only be consumed in the kitchen area.

18) Tidiness – each studio will be offered to the user in a clean and tidy manner. Please place any rubbish generated in the bins provided.

19) Personal equipment – Rubix Studios will not be held responsible for the use, whether appropriate or inappropriate by the User, of any equipment used within the studios. The User understands that should they wish to use any electronic device within the studios in combination with the existing building fabric or equipment infrastructure resident within the studios, that they do this at their own risk.

20) Earplugs – Rubix Studios encourage the use of earplugs in the studio environment. Please ensure that used disposable earplugs are properly disposed of in the bins provided and not left discarded in the rehearsal rooms. Should a User require earplugs, these are sold at a reception in both buildings.

21) Force Majeure – Rubix Studios endeavours to provide a high-quality rehearsal facility at all times. In the unlikely event that either a specific studio, public space or the studios in their entirety become unusable due to unforeseen circumstances or events beyond their control, Rubix Studios will not be liable for any physical or economic loss incurred by such an eventuality.

22) From time to time Rubix Studios may be asked to provide additional third-party services on behalf of the User. Such a request will always be accepted as an act of goodwill and Rubix Studios will not be liable for the service quality level in any form by the third party contractor. Rubix Studios will not be liable or accept any material or financial claim arising from subcontracted third party activities.

23) Block booking credit is valid for 6 months and cannot be refunded.

24) Rubix Studios reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions without notice.