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Vintage Soul is where yesterday’s sounds and craftsmanship meet cutting edge technology.

Vintage Soul Cymbals are made in a small workshop in the outskirts of Istanbul. Our master cymbalsmith comes from a long line of craftsmen and proudly carries forward the heritage, art and craft of cymbal making into the 21st century.

At Vintage Soul, the approach to making cymbals is to create beautifully handcrafted instruments that combine the warmth traditionally associated with hand hammered cymbals with a more modern presence – or ‘cut ‘- that makes this range of cymbals more sonically pleasing within modern music productions. The result is a line of instruments that have a gorgeously warm, musical sound and feel, while at the same time being able to sit within and cut through modern mixes with ease.

Rubix Drums are proud to be the exclusive Vintage Soul distributors, offering you highly-customisable cymbals, as well as accessories and snare drums of the highest quality.

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