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Canopus Harvey Mason Signature 14" x 5.5" Walnut/Birch Snare Drum

Canopus Harvey Mason Signature 14" x 5.5" Walnut/Birch Snare Drum

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Dry and Dark Sound

The ideals sought for the Harvey Mason signature snare drum were described as “dry” and “short sustain”.

The main shell construction is White Birch, which gives a dark tone and great projection. Canopus added an outer ply of Walnut to add dryness and to give a shorter, controlled sustain.

The shell is designed with an inner grain direction to emphasize the direct sound. It really is a versatile snare drum that responds well to multiple head choices in many genres of music.

Canopus applied the perfect matching bearing edge to this hybrid shell and managed to obtain a crisp and pleasant sound.

This snare is especially good for Jazz and Fusion styles.

Harvey Mason says:

'My Canopus snare drums are versatile, consistent, warm, bright, responsive, sensitive, and equally adaptable in live gigs or recording sessions. And it’s hand- made!! It’s a must for every serious drum artist and studio. Trust me on this!!'


  • Lugs: Chrome
  • Hoops: 2.3mm Steel Hoops
  • Snare Wires: Vintage Snare Wire (CPSL-14DR)
  • Shell: 6.4mm 8ply Walnut and Birch
  • Finish: Superior Walnut Oil

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