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Canopus Harvey Mason Signature 10" x 6" Stave Walnut Snare Drum

Canopus Harvey Mason Signature 10" x 6" Stave Walnut Snare Drum

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A TRULY Unique Voice

The Canopus Harvey Mason Stave Walnut Snare Drum is, quite possibly, the finest example of a "popcorn" snare drum money can buy.

Crafted from beefy staves of artisan Walnut, this 10x6" shell creates a dark, complex crack when tuned up high. Tune it low, and you'll be amazed at how big and rich this little guy can sound!

Solid brass, single-point lugs along with the best snare wires in the business make the Harvey Mason 10x6 one of the most unique and inspiring snare drums we've heard in a long time.

Harvey Mason says:

'My Canopus snare drums are versatile, consistent, warm, bright, responsive, sensitive, and equally adaptable in live gigs or recording sessions. And it’s hand- made!! It’s a must for every serious drum artist and studio. Trust me on this!!'


  • Lugs: Chrome
  • Hoops: 2.3mm Steel Hoops
  • Shell: 11.5mm Stave Walnut

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Rubix Drums are the proud Distributors of Canopus Drums, Hardware & Accessories in the UK.

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