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Vic Firth VicKick Fleece Bass Drum Beater - VF-VKB3

Vic Firth VicKick Fleece Bass Drum Beater - VF-VKB3

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The VicKick Fleece Kick Drum Beater from Vic Firth offers the highest build quality and enhanced sound.
The VicKick beater has a fleece beater head over a medium felt core to deliver a warm tone that sits at the lower frequencies to give your bass a big booming sound. The fleece head helps to soften up the tone and allows the bass drum to sit at the bottom of the mix. It can also produce an extremely loud sound making it perfect for playing jazz or music that requires that low end fill. The beater gives rich detail and perfect note depiction for fullness..
Vic Firth is renowned for creating the most comprehensive line of quality sticks and mallets to suit all performing needs.


  • Produces a Warmly Deep and Rich Tone
  • Perfect Note Depiction
  • Offers a Soft Attack
  • Fleece Beater Head with a Medium Felt Core
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