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UFiP - Blast Bright Crash Series

UFiP - Blast Bright Crash Series

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UFIP Blast Crashes are a new concept in recreating the modern EFX sound of an Oriental Crash cymbal, but without the need to drill holes to achieve the sound in the way other cymbal companies do this.

UFIP’s Cymbal-Smiths are not too happy with the idea of cutting out chunks from their cymbals to find an alternative sound, because they believe any such process will weaken the overall structure of the metal. After continuous research and development, UFIP managed to achieve the dream of explosive, Oriental sounding EFX Crashes without having to resort to drilling huge holes all over the cymbal.

With a clever double-hammering process employing hand and machine techniques, Experience Blast Crash cymbals deliver bright, explosive, trashy, Oriental overtones with a very fast attack and short decay. A very modern sounding cymbal popular with Drum & Bass, Electronic and modern Funk/R&B sounds.

main features

  • Alloy:

    Cast Bronze B20

  • Production:

    Cast using the Rotocasting® process.
    Completely handmade and Hand hammered.

  • Level:


  • Application:

    Fusion, Jazz, Pop, Rock.

  • Sound:

    The “Bright” version delivers a full, explosive, trashy and oriental sound, while the Extra Dry are warm, dark and fast.

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