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Tambourine - Rohema

Tambourine - Rohema

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The Headed Tambourine is a frame drum with jingles, covered with a skin. The frame is made of German beech wood and is equipped with jingles arranged in pairs. They create the typical jingling sound of a Tambourine.

This tambourine has a diameter of 20 centimeters. The natural goat skin is firmly attached to the frame of the drum. Due to its construction, the robust Headed Tambourine is almost indestructible even for smaller children. Kids of all ages can use it to discover their natural musicality in a playful way. But it is also perfectly suitable for primary music education.

In addition, it comes with a felt mallet. So the Rohema Headed Tambourine can be played one-handed, two-handed or with the mallet. Our age recommendation: from 3 years.

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