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Schagerl Antares 14" x 6.5" Dark Vintage Brass Snare Drum

Schagerl Antares 14" x 6.5" Dark Vintage Brass Snare Drum

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Antares is the brightest star in the constellation scorpius and is the fifth-brightest observable star in the night sky.

Named for its equal footing to the Greek God Ares, it is easy to see why Schagerl chose 'Antares' as the name for the line of brass snare drums. Each drum makes a bold statement with heavy yellow brass tube lugs and a raw finished 0.7mm brass shell.

Adorned with 2.3mm yellow brass or black nickel over steel hoops, the Antares evokes images of battle-worn Grecian armor while retaining a subtle elegance.

The multi-step Trick Drums strainer allows for precise tension adjustments making the Antares suitable for conventional kit playing as well as orchestral work. The shell itself is dramatically undersized at the top and the bottom to create a tympani effect with remarkable resonance.

No two Schagerl Drums raw, raw lacquered, dark vintage finish drums are alike.


  • Shell: 0,7 mm / brass (MS63, F30 soft)
  • Strainer: Schagerl – modified TrickDrums Multistep (black/gold)
  • Snare Wires: Schagerl – snappy snare wire 16 str. SDB1416
  • Lugs: Schagerl single contact solid brass tube lugs 10 pcs.
  • Hoops: 2,3mm triple flanged black nickel plated steel hoops. Also available: 2,3 mm triple flanged brass plated steel hoops or 2,3mm triple flanged chrome over steel hoops
  • Optional finishes: Raw Lacquered and Raw
  • Also available in 5" and 8" depths - please get in touch to order.

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