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Rohema Smooth Poly Brushes - 61294

Rohema Smooth Poly Brushes - 61294

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The Rohema Smooth Poly Brushes are similar to the Rohema Poly Rods. However, the rods are finer and softer, and therefore significantly more flexible. 

At the same time, the feeling of playing is gentler and softer with the Smooth Poly Brushes. Due to the soft nature of the polymer rods, the brushes are perfect for cajons or other percussion instruments with sensitive surfaces. 

The polymer fibers are extremely resilient and durable. The grip area is covered with rubber and is always safe in the hand. With adjustable rubber rings, the sound and feel of Rohema's Smooth Bamboo Rods can be customized at any time.


  • Material: PP Polypropylene
  • Handle: Rubber
  • Dimensions: 365 x 15mm
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