Rohema Small Professional Percussion Kids Set - Shakers and Claves

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This set is suitable for older children up to professional musicians. The Twin Shaker impresses with its beautiful workmanship, its straightforward sound and attractive appearance. 

The Shake Me is made of brass and beech wood. Filled with fine steel sand, the Shake me has a clear, bright timbre. 

The clave made of high quality rosewood have a unique, particularly rich sound. 

The set includes a twin shaker made of beech wood, a Shake Me rattle made of beech wood combined with brass and a pair of rosewood tonewoods with a diameter of 27 millimeters. 

All wafer-thin paintwork is both saliva and sweat-proof. 

Suitable for children of three years and older.


  • Set of 3: Twin Shaker, Shake Me Shaker and Rosewood Claves Pair
  • Materials: Beech, Brass and Rosewood