Rohema Shake me 3 Shaker Box - High, Medium and Low Pitch

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The Rohema Shake Me Shaker is made of high quality brass and natural wood. 

The Shake Me is filled with steel sand. Depending on the pitch, the grain of the filling is sometimes finer, sometimes coarser. In addition, the timbre is also recognizable from the wood used. Rohema use light beech wood for the light-sounding shaker, jatoba for the warm, medium pitch and walnut wood for the dark tone.

The set includes 3 different Shake Me rattles made of brass as well as beech, jatoba or walnut with 3 different fillings (dark, warm, light sound). 

Suitable for children of three years and older.


  • Pitch: High, Medium and Low
  • Set of 3
  • Materials: Beech, Jatoba and Walnut