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Rohema Mozart II Fiberglass Conductor's Baton

Rohema Mozart II Fiberglass Conductor's Baton

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The Mozart II baton is one of Rohema's most popular models. With a weight of 30 grams it is also one of the heaviest.

The Mozart II is therefore suitable for maestros who would like to feel a little more weight in their hands when conducting. With the balance point just behind the end of the handle, the baton is absolutely balanced and lies securely in the hand. Even if you open them briefly to prevent cramps during longer use.

The Mozart II is made of sturdy fiberglass. Rohema manufacture the handle from high-quality, dark rosewood with a brass insert. The Mozart II is 430 mm long.


  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Handle: Rosewood and Brass
  • Handle Shape: Oval
  • Lenght: 430mm
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