Rohema Colour Percussion Kids Set - Shakers, Wristbells and Claves

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The instruments of the Rohema Colour Percussion Set appeal to children immediately with their bright colours. All colours are saliva-proof and suitable for small children. There is no risk of paint or material peeling off. 

The colorful shakers, timbres and bells have a pleasant, bright timbre. 

The set includes a scrapy shaker, colour shaker (yellow) and 1 pair of tonewoods (red) made of regional beech wood, as well as 1 bell bracelet with 6 bells and balls made of beech wood.

Suitable for children of twelve months and older.


  • Set of 4: Mini Shaker, Scrapy Shaker, Bell Bracelet and Claves Pair
  • Material: Beech
  • Colours: Natural, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green