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Rohema Beech Colour Claves Kids Set of 3 - 618077

Rohema Beech Colour Claves Kids Set of 3 - 618077

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Two woods of equal length, present sound, no reverberation - these are the Rohema Claves. 

Typed, rolled, rattled - there are countless imaginative ways to create the typical sound of the claves. 

The claves are made of regional beech wood and painted in bright colors that are child-friendly and resistant to saliva and sweat. 

They have a diameter of 20 millimeters and a length of 195 millimeters. The 3-piece set contains a pair of each color of our Color Claves (red, green, yellow).

Suitable for children of 12 months and older.


  • Material: German Beech
  • Treatment: Lacquered
  • Colour: Red, Green and Yellow
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