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Pearl STH1450S Sensitone Snare 14"x5" Heritage Alloy Steel

Pearl STH1450S Sensitone Snare 14"x5" Heritage Alloy Steel

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The Pearl Sensitone Heritage 14" x 5" Steel Snare Drum is an extremely powerful snare drum with a crisp, sensitive, high-pitched snap. The 14'' x 5'' size offers brilliant power and projection, and is ideal for heavier styles such as rock. The steel shell is extremely durable and offers a coveted snare sound that makes for one excellent workhorse. This shell also offers improved sustain, presence and power - allowing them to punch through in any mix. Practice or performance, gig or home studio, the Sensitone Heritage Steel Snare Drum performs.


  • Steel shell provides exceptional power with a high-pitched snap
  • 2.3mm Triple-flanged Superhoop IIs allow the drumhead to vibrate freely
  • Fitted with CL bridge lugs to provide a full-bodied tone
  • Punches through the mix in any style or environment


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