Pearl Rapid Lock Supergrip Hi-Hat Clutch - HCL-205QR

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The Pearl HCL-205QR Rapid Lock Supergrip Hi-Hat Clutch is a high-quality hi-hat clutch from Pearl, featuring durable felt washers and a rapid lock/release fastener for quick and easy cymbal changing.
The HCL-205QR is very similar to the HCL-105QR clutch but features a built-in clamp for enhanced stability. The spring-loaded dual fastening system allows you to disengage the rapid lock from the main clutch with ease, resulting in smooth, easy breakdown and setup of the top hi-hat. The felt washers minimise interference with the cymbals themselves, ensuring you get the same great sound without the inconvenience of losing your hi-hats.
Ideal for players who demand reliable and consistent hi-hat performance throughout their sessions, the Pearl HCL-205QR Rapid Lock Supergrip Hi-Hat Clutch is the perfect upgrade from any default hi-hat clutch.



  • Spring-Loaded Dual Fastening System
  • Durable Felt Washers Minimise Interference
  • Convenient Rapid Lock/Release Fastener
  • Built-In Clamp for Enhanced Stability
  • Eliminates Chance of Hi-Hats Loosening