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Pearl Jungle Gig Adaptor - JG-16

Pearl Jungle Gig Adaptor - JG-16

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The JG-16 Jungle Gig floor tom to bass drum conversion kit allows you to convert virtually any 16" floor tom into a bass drum!

Simply attach an (optional) I.S.S. unit to your existing floor tom hoop, and clamp the JG-16's pedal bracket to the BT-3 bracket. Insert the included spurs (fits all floor tom leg brackets with 3/8" diameter legs) into the floor tom leg brackets, add toms and snare, and an instant Jungle-type drum kit is created.

There are no holes to drill or special hoops to buy. The JG-16 is easily removed to restore the Jungle-bass to a floor tom.

Please note: Floor tom sold separately. An ISS unit is required for the JG-16 to work and are available separately, such as the Pearl IS-1216L/C

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