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Pearl - GyroLock-L-Rod tom Holder Arm, Short

Pearl - GyroLock-L-Rod tom Holder Arm, Short

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Rock Solid and Totally Flexible,

Part of Pearl's 1030 Series hardware line for tour-grade strength and guaranteed reliability, the THL-1030 Tom Holder features a Gyro-Lock tilter for gearless multi-axis adjustment.


Its solid universal 12.7mm L-arm offers secure vertical placement from a singular drum key lock at four independent orientation points (Up/Down, Left/Right, Side/Side, Forward/Aft.) Backed-up with a moveable memory clamp for flawless angle security, GyroLock-L's outer Compass Dial is also fitted with setting marks for visual placing reference.


Free from cumbersome nylon balls or sleeves that get stuck or wear out over time, the GyroLock-L's interlocking cylindrical movement is smooth and secure in any position for the long haul. The GyroLock-L assures painless tear-down and reset every time. 

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