Pearl Eliminator Solo Black Single Pedal - P-1030

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A powerful and responsive kick drum pedal - perfect for any style. The Pearl P-1030 Eliminator Solo Black Single Pedal has an accurate, resistance-free feel that delivers effortless action with accentuated rebound.
The slightly weighted feel delivers just the right amount of resistance without slowing down your stroke - increasing your power while preventing fatigue. Fine-tune your performance further with the included control core duo beater.
This beater offers a choice of hard and soft beater surfaces for distinct bass drum sounds and response.



  • Delivers a resistance-free feel for driving performance
  • Powerful and responsive - perfect for any style
  • Control core duo beater allows you to fine tune tonal response
  • Click-lock spring adjustment locks the desired spring settings into place
  • PowerShifter allows you to fine tune the power and feel of the pedal