Pearl BLX Birch Drum Kit In Sequoia Red

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Here we have a Pearl BLX owned the famous Andy Gangaden. This kit was used on Lisa Standsfield tour and albums. The Pearl BLX sometimes referred to as 'Prestige Studio' 100% Birch Kit.

The BLX was Pearl's top of the line series between 1986 and 1995 when Pearl phased it out to introduce the new thinner shelled Master Series. For a while the Masters MBX (4 ply Birch) was Pearls only Birch shell offering but later the original six ply birch shell recipe as found on the BLX was introduced back by popular demand in to the Masters line up as BRX. The BLX was a major favourite in Pearls line up, its competition at the time was the Yamaha Recording Custom and tonally this kit delivers a very similar vibe and has similar looks in terms of it's hi-tension lugs etc. Research and Designed by Pearl Japan, the BLX was one of the first kits to be produced in the new Taiwanese facility which went on to produce all of Pearls drums across the series (with the exception of CZX)

The BLX and MLX (maple alternative) and Big Brother series CZX (thicker maple) were the drums that put Pearl on the map, new hardware innovations, improved shell design and finishing techniques, striking looks and solid sound! There are still current Pearl Endorsees favouring to use this era of Pearl today in both the studio and live settings, when you sit behind one and hear it, there is no surprise why.

The kit we have here is completely from 1992, Between 1988 and 1992 there were 3 slight face lifts to the series, this is the final specification with the SP30 bass drum spurs, plinth badges, cast air holes and LB30 hinged floor tom brackets. This is an amazing find with the full array of toms all from the same era, everything is original, the shell finish is in exceptional condition. It's hard to believe this is a 28 year old set of drums.

We've fully re-headed the kit with Evans heads, it is going to be a fantastic work horse, live or in the studio and with an array of configurations possible!

Pearl BLX Prestige Studio Professional Series 10 x 8, 12 x 10, 13 x 11 & 14 x 12 Toms

16 x 16 Floor Tom

22 x 16 Bass Drum

6 Ply, 7.5mm 100% Premium Birch Shells

Sequoia Red Lacquer Finish

Naturally EQ'd tone with brilliant highs and increased lows

Hi-Tension Lugs

SP-30 Bass Drum Spurs Made in Taiwan circa 1992

Fitted with new Evans Drum Heads throughout. Toms - Batter G2 Clear, Reso Genera Reso | Bass Drum - Batter EMAD Clear, Reso EQ3 Black No Port with Pearl decal 2.3mm Super Hoops throughout Cast Air Holes LB30 Leg Brackets + 3 Legs 7.5/10 condition - light pitting on the chrome typical of this age of kit only noticeable very close up. A few marks on the drum shells, very light, a few marks on bass drum hoops, Shells and Moving Parts in excellent working and original condition.