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Pearl Bass Drum Muffler Full Size - BDM-F

Pearl Bass Drum Muffler Full Size - BDM-F

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Control your bass drum overtones - achieve the desired sound.


The Pearl Bass Drum Muffler, Full Size features three segments to provide you with the right level of muffling for your bass drum. Use on either the reso or batter side, hook and loop strips keep the muffler firmly in place to prevent movement. No need to make a mess of your bass drum with bedroom quilts and cushions. 

This three-tier segmented cushion provides the right amount of padding needed to achieve an optimum balance of low frequencies and resonance. With effortless operation, it simply fits in your bass drum with a hook and loop to secure it.


  • Achieve the desired level of resonance and punch for your bass drum
  • Three-segment design allows you to change the level of muffling
  • Keeps your bass drum tidy and free of messy pillows and quilts
  • Securely attaches to your bass drum using hook and loop to prevent movement
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