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Pearl 900 Series Demonator Hi Hat Stand - H-930

Pearl 900 Series Demonator Hi Hat Stand - H-930

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The Pearl H-930 Hi-Hat Stand is an adaptable yet durable stand. With an infinitely adjustable Uni-Lock tilter, sturdy double braced legs and positive-locking gear tilters for slip-proof cymbal positioning, this reliable cymbal stand is perfect for any percussionist.

The Pearl H-930 is a hi-hat stand with a Demon Drive-style long footboard. The stand features a new Trident Design tripod with a swivel function, a spring tension dial, chain drive, and rubber leg tips.

The stand also features a pipe joint with Nylon bushing, preventing unwanted noise from metal-to-metal contact, giving you the most accurate sound with no disruption.


  • Infinitely adjustable uni-lock tilter
  • Double braced legs and rubber grips to prevent slippage
  • Nylon bushing pipe joint
  • Positive locking gear tilters
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