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NEW. Canopus - Toshiki Hata Signature Snare Drum- PRE ORDER

NEW. Canopus - Toshiki Hata Signature Snare Drum- PRE ORDER

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TOSHIKI HATA Signature Snare 14x5.5 Birch - Tokyo Incidents 

I simply wanted a snare that sounded like me.

I took it out of the box, gave it a whack, and immediately felt “it’s good”. It’s not a universal snare, but I wondered if I could make a snare that sounded like me, and then I did!

If you’ve ever done a recording session, you know that the comps and EQs sometimes are applied in such a way as to make it sound rougher than it is.
It’s very close to the sound that I’ve organized with limiting, comps, EQ, etc., without going through a microphone (live sound), so it’s easy for the PA to use it for live performances.

In my opinion, the character and pitch of a snare is determined by the quality of the snare itself, so I would like you to try various types of snare heads, from thin to thick, without worrying.

I think it’s a snare that sounds great no matter who plays it.

Such a wonderful snare was created!


SGTR-1455 TH1

Available from June 1st, 2023
until December 31st, 2023

Yellow Birch 8ply 6.5mm
Sweets Tone “WAGASHI” LQ
Japanese Sword Lug 10Lugs
1.6mm PH -10H
Canopus REMO Hazy Coated / SA
Vintage Snare WIre 16

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