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Mr Muff - Muff Head Bass Drum Beater Covers

Mr Muff - Muff Head Bass Drum Beater Covers

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Muff Kopf Vintage style bass drum beater covers

A simple, quick and convenient way to get a warm Vintage, Acoustic or Jazz bass drum sound without changing the head or beater. 

Takes seconds to change tone completely...

MK01 The felt cover, with its shaggy faux fur outer layer simply drops over the pedals beater and is then secured quickly and simply by a sliding toggle.

This makes it ideal to use mid performance for a quieter number and then immediately go back to regular beater sound if required. Or leave it on permanently for a warm deep bass drum sound. Can also be reversed for a different sound. Available with black,  felt side.

Very suitable for use with Cajons for acoustic performance.

Made in Germany

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