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Meinl SH88BK Octagonal Shaker

Meinl SH88BK Octagonal Shaker

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Made of aluminium, the Meinl SH88BK Octagonal Shaker feels nice and light yet shapes a broad dynamic range to play around in. Compared to standard shakers, this unique eight-sided model offers a lot more grip and playing control, and won't roll off the percussion table when you put it down to change instruments. So you can shake up a range of authentic, tight-sounding effects, Meinl have filled the SH88BK with lots of little pellets, finishing an easy-to-play instrument for beginner percussionists as well professional multi-instrumentalists.

Meinl Octagonal Shakers

The Octagonal Shaker Series by Meinl includes three high-quality models that are prepared for use on stage and in the studio. No matter your needs, there's a perfect Meinl shaker for it.

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