Hardcase 14" Snare Drum Case with Full Foam Lining

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Handcrafted in the UK, Hardcase offer an extensive range of cases specifically designed to protect your prized drums.

Featuring a fully foam lined interior and black webbing to deliver the optimum level of safe storage, this 14" snare case houses snares with depths from 5-7".

Fully Foam Lined Interior

Delivering Hardcase's premium level of protection for your snare drum, the 14" snare case is constructed from strong moulded hard plastic and features a fully lined foam padded interior.

The hard frame of the case has been specifically designed to withstand the inevitable wear and tear of transit to ensure your snare remains robustly protected at all times.

Meanwhile the foam interior works to make sure your snare remains safely and securely stored to guarantee it comes out of the case in the same condition it was placed inside.


  • Minimum Drum Depth: 5inches
  • Maximum Drum Depth: 7inches
  • ID Badge
  • Clips
  • Webbing
  • Belt Ends
  • Carry Handle
  • Stacking Feature
  • Available In Other Colours
  • Protection: Fully Lined
  • Available with Foam Pads