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Canopus Vintage Snare Wire 14" Chrome Plated - CPSL-14NP

Canopus Vintage Snare Wire 14" Chrome Plated - CPSL-14NP

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Canopus Vintage Series snare wires are custom-tailored for your 14" Snare Drum.

These wires were designed to closely resemble the snare sound and action of vintage Slingerland snare wires, taking several factors that made these so great into account.

Finally, Canopus decided on core thickness of 0.5 mm, a spiral diameter of 1.35mm and a pitch of 3.4 mm, as well as an end plate thickness of 0.5mm. Canopus Vintage Series snare wires come with a standard 20 strand, unless specified otherwise.

Chrome plating gives these wires a brighter tone than the Dry range.


  • For 14" Snare Drums 
  • 0.5mm thick Brass End Plate
  • Vintage Wire 20 Strand
  • Chrome-Plated

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