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Canopus Zelkova Snare Drum

Canopus Zelkova Snare Drum

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The Zelkova Snare Drum can be described as the purest form of the drum.

Only one hollowed piece can be taken from a stump of precious 200 year old Zelkova wood, also called Akagi or "red wood". The sound that is produced from a single piece of wood has a unique and powerful attack. Each stroke produces a "block of sound" with a sharp edge and a thick low pitch, while maintaining the warmth of natural wood.

The special nature of Zelkova is highly revered and sought after by top drummers around the world.


  • One-piece wood shell
  • Cut out of an Akagi tree
  • Three depths available: 5", 6.5" and 8"
  • Canopus diecast hoops
  • 8 solid brass lugs
  • Bolt Tight washers
  • Remo drumheads
  • Canopus snarewire with special size (for the undersized Zelkova shell)


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