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Canopus Neo Vintage 60 M1 Standard Drum Kit

Canopus Neo Vintage 60 M1 Standard Drum Kit

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Supreme 60’s Jazz Sound by State-of-the-art Technology

Canopus's shell design for the M1 is a result of analyzing the drum sound that dominated the jazz world in the 1960's.

Their shell construction consists of Maple and Poplar in 7 ply (for Rack Toms/Floor Toms) and 10 ply (for Bass Drum). Their snare drums utilize the same 7 ply Maple and Poplar combination, but with a customized layout.

In addition to using vintage bearing edges as a guide for Canopus's own unique design, they have adopted die-cast hoops as standard equipment on their floor toms and tom toms. The core of the drum sound comes to life in high pitched tuning, and totally eliminates the differences and instabilities that have traditionally hampered the sound of vintage instruments.

What is the Neo Vintage Series?

The Classic Sound of Vintage Drums Brought Back to Life by State of the Art Technology

In recent years. the return to vintage musical instruments has been a universal trend in all genres of music. Because of this we have thoroughly reproduce that memorable sound.

Canopus has combined a vast knowledge of vintage drum design with state of the art technology to produce a modern drum with all the best characteristic of the great drums of yesteryear.

This drum kit is available in a variety of finishes and size configurations, so please get in touch to know more. Please note that some of the pictured configurations and finishes may not be currently available, or match the selected item.

Please note that the pictured snare drum is not included.


  • Lugs: Brass
  • Shells: Maple + Poplar 7ply (Toms) / 10ply(BD)
  • Finishes: Various Oil and Wrap finishes available


  • 18x14 Bass Drum
  • 12x8 Rack Tom
  • 14x14 Floor Tom
  • Tom mount

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