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Canopus Jet-Black Aluminium Alloy

Canopus Jet-Black Aluminium Alloy

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Based on the extensive research and data accumulated in the first six years of the ROF project we are now able to further expand our sound palette.

This is the culmination of the ROF project: Jet-Black Aluminum Alloy – with heightened responsiveness and superior impact as its primary characteristics.

The longer flanged bearing edge and matte black coat finish reduces overtones. The resultant sound has an emphasized mid-range and attack, with a shortened sustain.

The baseball bat type 3-positioning inner muffler comes standard – providing a further variety of sounds and enhanced playability.

SIZE : 6” x 14”

Shell : Aluminum Alloy 1mm

Lapel : 18mm

Lug : Die Cast Lug

Hoop : 1.6mm Flanged Hoop with 10 Holes

Head : REMO Hazy Coated 1ply/ SA

Inner Muffler : CIM-20

Snare Wire : CPSL-14NP

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