Canopus Back Beat 14" Snare Wires 20 Strand Chrome Plated - CPSS-BB14NP

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Snare wires which enhance even the subtitles of nuances in the midst of very loud backbeats!

By adopting spiral wires with an abundance of coils coupled with 1mm end-plates, Canopus have achieved a good balance between volume that is aggressive enough for a powerful backbeat, and swift response for delicate phrasing. With this one snare wire, you can have an aggressive, loud snare sound and maintain sensitivity.

These snare wires have both a loud attack and bright sound. They have an enormous effect on metal-shell snare drums, as the Chrome Plated series has a brighter tone than their chrome-plated counterparts. They will improve the potential of a loud snare tremendously.

Delivers a Solid Backbeat With Bold Attack. Great Projection for The Perfect Mix.

Check out the 30-strand version here, and the 42-strand version here.

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