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Canopus 3-Piece Mahogany Series Drum Kit

Canopus 3-Piece Mahogany Series Drum Kit

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The Mahogany Sound with a Contemporary Edge

Canopus has recognized that Mahogany has a unique sound – heard in many vintage drums. They have taken this special wood and created a new contemporary sound. Canopus have exercised their ingenuity in shell construction - using 6ply mahogany-poplar-birch with maple reinforcement, and edge-shaping to create a clear, crisp, well-rounded tone.

"The Canopus Mahogany series drums are in a class by themselves. These instruments really sing. The 18″ Kick drum sounds so huge you would believe it was a 22″ with your eyes closed. The Toms project very well with minimal effort and produce a warm and solid tone with every stroke. The master craftsmen at Canopus Drum company continue to deliver high quality instruments that are unequivocally consistent in both the audio and visual categories."

What is the R&D Line?

The drums on the Canopus R&D Line have been developed in order to satisfy particular sound concepts created in the course of our ongoing research, and as a result of their commitment to meeting the specific needs of endorsers.
In their efforts to bring these “sound concepts” to life Canopus use unique materials of outstanding quality. They strive to bring out the unique character of each material.
The result is a series of drums which, though not necessarily “all-round” or absolutely versatile, possess an amazing individuality.
While Canopus regularly sell R&D line drums made to their suggested specifications, they are also able to accommodate customers’ special requests regarding bearing edge shape, hardware and colors.

This drum kit is available in a variety of finishes and size configurations, so please get in touch to know more. Please note that some of the pictured configurations and finishes may not be currently available, or match the selected item.

Please note that the pictured snare drum is not included.


  • Lugs: Chrome
  • Shells: 6-ply Mahogany + Poplar + Birch
  • Finishes: Various Lacquer and Wrap finishes available


  • 22x14 Bass Drum
  • 13x9 Rack Tom
  • 16x16 Floor Tom
  • Tom mount

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