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Aquarian Deep Vintage II Super Kick Drum Head - DVK

Aquarian Deep Vintage II Super Kick Drum Head - DVK

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The Aquarian DEEP VINTAGE SUPERKICK brings Old School, "deep” sounding heads to contemporary drums with no loss of resonance.

Aquarian's multi-ply vacuum molding process. eliminates “dead air” spots and adds depth and durability to bonding of these 2x10mil plies. The patented Aquarian Floating Muffle Ring helps to increase low-end punch and definition.

More than cosmetic, the slightly thicker vintage coating slows the vibration of the head and results in a lower, warmer tone with a softer feel and a classic look.

The DEEP VINTAGE two-ply models bring the inspired sound of traditional calfskin heads to the modern drum and drummer, but with better performance results.

  • Two 10mil plies enhance deep, low-end frequencies
  • Thicker Vintage Coating adds warmth
  • Vacuum Molding Process for better resonance
  • Organic Feel and performance
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