5 Star Zyn Cymbal Set Plus 18in Crash

5 Star Zyn Cymbal Set Plus 18in Crash

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5 Star Zyn Cymbal Set Plus 18in Crash 

Product Overview

By combining modern production techniques with traditional cymbal making processes, Istanbul cymbals are able to offer professional, cast B20 (80 Copper, 20 Tin) cymbals at a price that is accessible to drummers at any level.

Hi-Hats are crisp, focused with tight sticking and medium weight, crashes have a papery attack and a medium decay whilst rides deliver a definitive ping with a balance and musical spread.

Available with a traditionally lathed or modern brilliant finish, Xist box sets also come with a free case.

The set includes; 14" 5 Star Hi-Hats, 16" 5 Star  Crash and a 20" 5 Star Ride.

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