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Zanchi 17/18 Inch Cymbals Hihats

Zanchi 17/18 Inch Cymbals Hihats

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Here is you opportunity to get your hands on a very rare pair of Cymbals dated form the late 1940's. These cymbals came in as a pair of hihats, and we did not have the heart to separate them from antoher as they sound to good as a pair. 

18 inch 1176g

17 inch 956g 

Here is a little history about Zanchi. 

Italian cymbal-maker, Fiorello Zanchi, reputedly started out working for the Tronci family of cymbal/pipe organ makers in the 1920s, according to Pinksterboer.[1] Per the same source, it is said that Fiorello started his own workshop, Zanchi, in 1947, and began producing handmade, hand-hammered cymbals

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