Vic Firth American Custom SD4 Combo Drumsticks - VF-SD4

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Designed for drummers who want a lighter touch

The American Custom® line brings you a variety of drumsticks in maple rather than the typical hickory construction.

This gives you a lighter feel for fast playing, with great flex and rebound. These are ideal for drummers who play lighter styles of music like pop, jazz, and orchestral.

Depending on the stick, they are also a popular choice for drummers looking for a beefier stick without the weight.


  • Length: 15 7/8''
  • Diameter: .545''
  • Material: Rock Maple
  • Drum Stick Tip: Wood
  • Finish: Natural
  • Tip Shape: Barrel
  • Short, thin design for quick techniques
  • Rock maple construction provides light feel with great rebound and flex
  • Small barrel tip produces full but articulate sound
  • Super light feel is perfect for jazz quartet and chamber music