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Vater 55AA Xtra Long Hickory Drumstick

Vater 55AA Xtra Long Hickory Drumstick

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The Vater 55AA Wood Tip Xtra Long Drumstick is a response to customers request at having more reach without compromising feel. The V55AA are exactly that, matching the length and diameter of the players go-to 5A for a recognisable and natural hold, with an added 1/2'' length. This 1/2'' not only increases the reach of the stick, but also the power you're able to leverage from it.

This power is balanced by a medium taper, offering natural and balanced rebound on both drums and cymbals alike. With this balanced rebound, the classic acorn tip can produce a range of tones at all dynamic levels. You can expect the same great Vater feel with added reach, power and leverage.

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Key Features

  • Added 1/2'' length provides more reach and leverage without compromising feel
  • Maintains the grip size of a 5A for a versatile and musical feel
  • Acorn tip produces the classic sound of articulate and full-bodied tones
  • A balanced and controlled rebound comes from the medium taper
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