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UFiP Omnia Ride Series

UFiP Omnia Ride Series

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The new “Omnia Series” is the result of a continuous evolution development.
The “Omnia Series” has unique sound peculiarities. Made in B20 Cast Bronze through our patent Rotocasting® System, these cymbals, in spite of a more traditional look, deliver a modern and contemporary sound. Extremely versatile, Omnia is the right choice for a wide range of music styles, from Rock to Pop, from Fusion to Rhythm and Blues; ideally suited for both live and studio applications. The Crashes have great attack with a perfectly controlled sustain; the Rides are extremely musical, versatile, with a great stick definition; while the Hi Hats are dry, very dynamic with good projection.


main features

  • Alloy:

    Cast Bronze B20

  • Production:

    Cast using the Rotocasting® process.
    Completely handmade and Hand hammered.

  • Level:


  • Application:

    Pop, Rock, Fusion, Rhytm and Blues.

  • Sound:

    Contemporary, fast and controlled.

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