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Tru Tuner

Tru Tuner HEAD FX Tambourine Jingle - HEADFXTAMB

Tru Tuner HEAD FX Tambourine Jingle - HEADFXTAMB

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Tru Tuner: Head FX allows you to add sound texture to your drum dampeners.  You can mount them on any flat surface to slightly dampen sound and also add sound texture of Tambourine Jingle or Shaker.

Can be used on top or bottom of drum heads, bass drums and cymbals.  Can use on multiple areas of surface for different variations of modified sound.  The dampeners and base can stay on the surface to act as a light dampener, then plug in or remove sound texture attachment for desired sound.

System can be reused as many times as desired, if dampener ever loses stickiness, just rinse, scrub with thumb and air dry to make sticky again.

Each system comes with 2 dampeners, 1 Head FX base, and 1 Tambourine Jingle attachment.

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