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Rail Mount Retrofit lets you replace your existing rail mount with one that works infinitely better! Adjustable to fit nearly any 2 or 4 hole rail mount pattern. Incredibly adjustable and versatile design plus our gearless tilter or ball joint holders allow nearly limitless adjustment. The entire upright assembly is easily removable for ease in transporting to your gig.

End plates fit up to a 65mm/2.56” hole spacing or a single hole, and then you choose the right length rail to work with the span of your hole pattern (see rail length chart).

The aluminum L-arm that comes with the gearless tilter option is 10.5mm in diameter. We also offer 9.5mm L-arms and 12.7mm L-arms.

The ball joint L-arms are 10.5mm in diameter. We do not currently offer 9.5mm or 12.7mm ball joint L-arms.