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Sonor AS 12 1405 MB Artist Series Maple Snare

Sonor AS 12 1405 MB Artist Series Maple Snare

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Get your hands on a beautiful Maple Workhorse Snare that is now a collectors item.

Sonor's AS 12 1405 MB Artist Series Maple Snare Drum is equal parts display piece and workhorse snare drum. Its 24-karat gold-plated hardware and stippled Scandinavian birch finish make it one of the most stunning snare drums on the market. But the Artist Series Maple Snare Drum isn't just beautiful, it also sounds fantastic. A thin 4.2mm maple shell provides extremely powerful projection with a perfectly balanced tone, so it can punch through dense stage volume without being harsh. Premium hardware such as Sonor's Dual Glide System quick-release strainer and TuneSafe lugs provide extra versatility and stability that push this snare drum well into the elite class of percussion instruments.

Thin vintage maple shell delivers balanced tone
Most drummers would agree that maple is the most popular choice for all-around utility in a snare drum. That's because maple delivers a superior tonal balance, with clear highs and mids and balanced lows. What's more, the Sonor Artist Series Maple Snare Drum features a thin 6-ply/4.2mm shell, giving it a slightly drier and highly resonant timbre.

Modern bearing edges deliver resonant punch
Another contributing factor to the AS 12 1405 MB Artist Series Maple Snare Drum's bold and penetrating voice is its bearing edge design. The sharp angle of its modern 45-degree bearing edges minimizes contact with the heads, allowing the shell to resonate freely and project as loudly as possible. This is exactly what you want out of a snare that needs to cut through dense stage volume on a regular basis.

Dual Glide System offers easy snare access
One of the cooler technologies Sonor uses is the Dual Glide System, a quick release that makes completely removing the Artist Series Maple Snare Drum's strainer super easy. There are two major benefits that this offers you. First, swapping out or tuning the bottom head is way easier when you don't have to work around snare wires. Second, Sonor offers interchangeable snare wire sets, which you can swap out to get totally different sounds out of your drum.

Tuning stability you can count on
One of the many innovations that Sweetwater drummers love is Sonor's TuneSafe system. This combination lug and tension-rod design ensures maximum stability. TuneSafe lugs grip the fine-pitch-threaded tension rods firmly, securing them in a way that means you don't have to worry about them loosening. As an added bonus, these square-headed tension rods let you tune your AS 12 1405 MB Artist Series Maple Snare Drum more accurately than virtually any other snare out there.

Sonor AS 12 1405 MB Artist Series Maple Snare Drum Features:
Stunning maple snare drum that's as versatile and playable as it is beautiful
6-ply/4.2mm maple shell sports 2mm reinforcements and 45-degree bearing edges for added resonance
Dual Glide System includes quick-release strainer access for swapping out snare wires and easy tuning
Comes with an 18-wire bronze snare set that brings out the natural warmth of the maple shell
TuneSafe lugs with fine threading let you fine-tune your heads with total stability

18 brass wires
14" x 5" Artist Snare Drum, Scandinavian Birch,
6-ply Vintage Maple shell, 4 mm shell thickness
plus 2 mm Dynamic Edges,
matt laquer finish,
single flange hoops,
20 tension rods, TuneSafe, throw-off snare
action, gold plated
fittings with protectors,
18 bronze wires

Price: £1200
Title: Sonor AS 12 1405 MB Artist Series Maple Snare
Size: 14x5
Year: 2012
Series: no serial
Weight: 30 Kg
Colour:Matt Laquer Finish
Condition: 7/10
Misc: Comes with Legs and Tom mount


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