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Sakae Trilogy 4-Piece Kit in Mint Oyster Pearl

Sakae Trilogy 4-Piece Kit in Mint Oyster Pearl

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The Sakae Trilogy Shell Pack in Mint Oyster Pearl encapsulates the essence of vintage drumming with a modern twist. Renowned for its meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, Sakae Drums combines traditional design elements with cutting-edge construction techniques to deliver a drum kit that appeals to both purists and contemporary musicians alike. The Mint Oyster Pearl finish exudes a timeless elegance, reminiscent of classic drum sets from the mid-20th century, while its lustrous appearance adds a touch of sophistication to any stage.

Featuring a versatile configuration of bass drum(s), snare drum, and tom-toms, the Trilogy Shell Pack provides a dynamic range of tones suitable for various musical genres and performance settings. Whether laying down solid grooves in a studio recording or commanding attention on a live stage, drummers can rely on the Sakae Trilogy to deliver exceptional sound quality, responsiveness, and durability. With its fusion of vintage aesthetics and modern performance capabilities, the Sakae Trilogy Shell Pack in Mint Oyster Pearl stands as a testament to Sakae Drums' commitment to excellence in drum manufacturing.

Tom stands NOT included. 

REVERB PRICE: £1649.99
Price: £1499.99
Size: 22” x 14” Bass Drum 12” x 8” Tom 16” x 16” Floor Tom
Year: 1974
Series: The Sakae Trilogy series
Weight: 30Kg
Colour: Mint Oyster Pearl
Shells: Maple

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