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Rubix Drums

RUBIX - X Cymbal & accessory Clamp

RUBIX - X Cymbal & accessory Clamp

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If you want to add a splash cymbal or a cow bell to your set, you'll need a pretty big stand.

The RXCLAMP can be clamped onto the rim of your snare, tom, or other percussion instruments. Rubix affectionately refers to this special clamp mechanism as The Snake Claw, and thanks to its construction, it stays securely in place once it's been positioned. The cymbal arm can handle a cymbal of up to 16 inches in diameter.

 This is a perfect tool for Roaming Drummers. 


  • Low profile
  • Utlra Light 
  • Easy to use
  • Fits in the snare drum case without needing to remove the item 
  • Cymbal Arm is Adaptable on 8mm threaded cymbal stands, so you can even use it as an extenion on your cymbal stands. 
  • Snake Claw - Fits on all kind of Hoops up to 40mm height -  if necessary, you can change the tension rod to achieve greater height
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