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Rohema Rounded Tip WZ 707 Drum Sticks - 61361

Rohema Rounded Tip WZ 707 Drum Sticks - 61361

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With Rohema's WZ 707 - Würzebesser drumsticks you get an absolute all-rounder drumstick. 
A little insider tip. The stick size is between sizes 5A and 5B and has an extra length of a few millimeters. Also note the rounded tip. However, the classic ball is a bit elongated here. 
With this Rohema create a compromise between the brilliant cymbal sound of a rounded tip and the versatility and durability of an Acorn tip.


  • Length: 16.154" (410 mm)
  • Diameter: 0.583" (14.8 mm)
  • Material: American Hickory
  • Wood Tip
  • Round Tip
  • Finish: Lacquer
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