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Rohema Poly Brush XL - 61296

Rohema Poly Brush XL - 61296

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Poly Brush XL
61296 rubber coated handle, polymer fibers, 365 x 26mm


The Poly Brush XL with a diameter of approx. 26 millimeters, are an absolute multifunctional tool. Thanks to the movable material made of polymer fibers, you can act powerfully and still move in the medium to lower dynamic range. Thus, the brushes offer a completely different playing feel than conventional drumsticks made of wood. The Poly Brushes are very durable and resistant. So you don't have to be afraid of hitting edges or accents that are too heavy - the material flexes. These characteristics make this tool the perfect brush for the Cajon. With two rubber rings each, you can flexibly adjust the sound of the brushes. The handle is coated with rubber for better grip.

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