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Rohema Hornbeam LR 5A Drum Sticks - 613211

Rohema Hornbeam LR 5A Drum Sticks - 613211

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Hornbeam Light Rock 5A

Our Light Rock 5A drumstick was the best-selling stick in our range for several decades. Even today it is the ultimate stick for many drummers, an exceptional one off the classic sizes. In the Hornbeam version, made of German Hornbeam, the Light Rock 5A is pleasantly soft and feels light and comfortable in the hand. The drumstick is slightly longer and stronger in diameter than the 5A model. With its short taper and teardrop-shaped tip, the Hornbeam Light Rock 5A offers good weight distribution for fast, powerful playing. In the Hornbeam version, the cymbal sound becomes much warmer.

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