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Rohema Arnold Riedhammer Signature Drumsticks 201746

Rohema Arnold Riedhammer Signature Drumsticks 201746

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Arnold Riedhammer Signature

40 years of experience as a studio and live drummer Arnold F. Riedhammer contributed to the development of this stick.

Made of American Hickory and with a diameter of 14 millimeters, it is a true all-round stick, designed by Arnold especially to be used on the drum set. At 39.4 centimeters in length, the Arnold Riedhammer Signature Stick is somewhat a shorter model. Arnold: "The slightly shorter length allows me to play faster passages more easily due to my technique. Also, with this shortness, I don't have any vibration kickback on my wrist."

The teardrop tip provides a clear "ping sound" on the cymbals.


American Hickory, lacquered, teardrop tip, 394 x 14mm

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