Pearl SensiTone Premium Mahogany 15" x 5" Snare Drum - STA1550MH/325

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Pearl’s SensiTone range has been reintroduced with updated components and an improved design.

As well as being great value, Pearl have equipped the STA1550MH/325 with their Click-Lock technology, which latches the snare lever and tension adjuster so that you retain your preferred settings throughout hard use over long periods of time. There’s a tight grip on the snare’s tension due to the well fitted piston slider. The updated design and badge makes it a stylish addition to any kit.

The Pearl STA1550MH/325 SensiTone snare is a unique addition to your kit. The warm, rounded crack of each strike is due to the 5mm shell that delivers punch without being overwhelming. The snare features a deep and penetrating snare tone with a muted middle part.


  • Size: 15x5"
  • SensiTone Premium Series
  • 4-Ply 5mm Mahogany shell with Maple reinforcement ring
  • Superhoop II hoops
  • SST-5047 Tension rods